MemryStone FAQs

When should MemryStones be purchased?

Think of MemryStones as an end-of-life resource to have on hand prior to a death. In fact, some individuals purchase our ceramics as part of their prearrangement process so that family members will have them available at the time of need.

Certainly not all deaths occur as part of a hospice or long term care process. If a love one has passed suddenly, we will do all that we can to get MemryStones to you in time for services. However, delivery limitations beyond our control (distance, holidays, weather, etc.) may not allow us to serve every timing requirement.

Can I buy MemryStones from my local funeral home?

At present, we have a limited number of participant funeral providers who incorporate MemryStones into their service offerings. As that number grows, we will provide an online directory so that consumers may search for an authorized reseller. In the mean time, your purchase of MemryStones will help broaden awareness in the funeral service community so that more families and survivor groups may benefit in the years to come. Please encourage your funeral director or crematorian to get in touch with us.

Can I have one even though the cremation is already over?

Some survivors find MemryStone meaningful even if the cremation has already happened. The inscription you place on the ceramic may smudge slightly but is still permanent and every bit as meaningful.

Does it make sense to have more than one MemryStone?

In many cases, individual family members and friends will want to have a personal memorial to keep after the cremation. You may purchase as many as you need to meet those needs.

Is there a limit to how many MemryStones we can use?

Theoretically a crematory could accommodate a large number of MemryStones as part of a cremation, but there are practical limitations. We would suggest you use no more than a dozen ceramics without seeking special permission. Should you wish to have a large scale memorial with perhaps dozens of MemryStones, then speak with the crematory ahead of time to make sure they will accommodate your needs, or possibly work with a local ceramics artist to fire all the pieces separately in a kiln.

What should I write on the stone?

You can find examples of other stones on our Facebook page, but in the end this MemryStone is about personal expression in the face of grief and loss. This means many things to many people. Sometimes memories are warm, sometimes prickly. Either way a MemryStone can either help you carry the best of the past along with you, or it can help you leave the past in the past.

Why does the MemryStone change color?

A cremation involves high temperatures, and those temps will affect the ceramic in the same way as a naturally fired kiln. The final outcome is unpredictable and at times the cremation will cause dramatic color and surface changes.

Will I really get the MemryStone back?

It is important to notify the crematory operator that a MemryStone is present. This way when they clear the retort, they can watch for your ceramic and keep it from damage. Any professionally-run crematory facility will take care of this without difficulty. If someone does give you a hard time, this may be a sign that you should consider the services of a different provider. As with anything in life, a little kindness goes a long way, and at a time of loss your funeral provider should be there to help no matter how simple or elaborate the services.

Other Questions...

MemryStone has just begun. So if you have a question we haven’t answered please let us know. This will help us expand and improve the resources available on this site. Thanks.


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