MemryStone Step-by-Step Instructions

Before Cremation

Remove the MemryStone from its box

Remove your MemryStone from the box and place it on a stable writing surface. You will need a medium nib ballpoint pen.

Use the practice sheet

Use the provided practice sheet to compose your message.

wrap a transfer sheet around the stone

Choose one of the Ceramic Transfer sheets (included) and place the full-color side facedown on the MemryStone, wrapping it behind, as shown.

Write your message on the MemryStone

Hold the transfer sheet in place with one hand. Then using your pen, write or draw the message you want to inscribe.

Retracing your lines will make the image darker on the MemryStone.

Write your message on the MemryStone

Give the finished MemryStone to your funeral or cremation provider to place with the deceased. Or if possible, place the stone yourself during a final visitation.

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