MemryStones–Handmade with Hometown Warmth

MemryStone BackLook closely at the back of any MemryStone and you will see a varied pattern of marks and striations, along with our signature heart logo.

This comes from hand molding each piece of ceramic one at a time–right here in New England.

Many people I talk with about MemryStone start with the assumption that we buy them from some overseas supplier all boxed and ready to ship. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We source all our primary supplies in the United States and hand-mold our ceramics in the town where I grew up, Somerset, Massachusetts.

Some may see imperfection in those marks, but I see the love and care and hometown warmth which we want to bring to every service of cremation.


MemryLane is an outreach of MemryStone, makers of ceramic markers which survivors inscribe with a message and send through the cremation process with someone who has died. The MemryStones return intact as a more personal form of identity confirmation and as a lasting touch-stone for memory. Online purchase options available for family and survivor groups across the country.


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  1. Excellent work, MemryStones! They give those left behind something to hold on to….truly a part of the person they loved and love.

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