Isn’t Cremation Ridiculous…

Isn’t it ridiculous that companies package food at the grocery store with more style and attention to detail, than the way cremation providers box and present the remains of our loved ones?

I don’t think I’m the only one to feel this way. I just happen to be the industry insider who can acknowledge that many funeral homes over the years have treated cremation as an inconvenience which deserves as little care and attention as possible.

Which is not to say that humans can’t grieve and recover in spite of the detached and impersonal routines of today’s cremation. We have our ways.

But why put our emotions on hold? Why when in grief, must we tolerate this impersonal process? Why shouldn’t we have a chance to feel connected and comforted through each step of cremation, from last breath to final memorial and beyond? *

These questions led me to create MemryStones; so that survivors would have a way to express themselves at the beginning of their goodbyes; and so that in cremation, survivors could feel connected and at peace with the dramatic physical transformation which happens at the height of grief.

MemryStones become a tangible symbol which marks the beginning of the emotional journey ahead. They help us recognize loss, participate in the physical transition after death, and they provide a lasting touchstone for the love and memory we must now carry in our hearts.

I believe in cremation. I even believe in simple cremation. I just don’t believe in the detached and industrial process which has become standard practice across the nation.

So choose to incorporate MemryStones with any cremation service you face. They transform the survivor experience and send the message to old-school funeral providers that their offerings need to dramatically improve.

BT Hathaway, Founder, MemryStone

MemryStones for John Marques Jr.


* Without having to spend thousands of dollars on “traditional” services that survivors may find  unaffordable.






MemryLane is an outreach of MemryStone, makers of ceramic markers which survivors inscribe with a message and send through the cremation process with someone who has died. The MemryStones return intact as a more personal form of identity confirmation and as a lasting touch-stone for memory. Online purchase options available for family and survivor groups across the country.


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