Think Simple

I can’t take the blame. I won’t take the blame. It isn’t my (or our) fault, even though the purveyors of funeral goods (like caskets) can find nothing better to do than to tell me as a funeral director that I don’t know how to communicate the “value” of what I do.

Rubbish. People want and truly need something different.

This is like saying to the cobbler it is his fault that shoe design and manufacturing changed in the last 40 years. That he didn’t explain the “benefits” of hand finished shoes well enough to convince people to spend three or four or five hundred dollars, when an “expensive” pair now costs half as much, and could easily cost one tenth.

In either case, the times are different. The needs are different. The pocketbooks are different. Ready or not, time for more change.

I have many thoughts about where this change is coming from and where it may lead. These I will share over time as this site grows and improves.

But for now I would point you back to the title: Think Simple. That’s where the future lies, not in catalogs of customized caskets, but in uncomplicated offerings that feel authentic and personal to the survivors trying to cope with loss.

More thoughts to come.




MemryLane is an outreach of MemryStone, makers of ceramic markers which survivors inscribe with a message and send through the cremation process with someone who has died. The MemryStones return intact as a more personal form of identity confirmation and as a lasting touch-stone for memory. MemryStones are available through a rapidly growing network of funeral and cremation providers.