MemryStones with Images

Vandy Tennessee Logos


With a little creativity and effort, you can add a familiar logo or line drawing to a MemryStone in order to better capture the story of the person who has died.

The MemryStone packets include a practice sheet to help work out your design and it is possible to trace, print or draw any design into that space.

And when you are ready, make a sandwich with the MemryStone on the bottom, the colored transfer sheet in the middle and the practice sheet on the top. If you hold everything together firmly, you can trace over the image on the practice sheet and the image will transfer onto the stone.

At some point I will sit with the camera and record a video demonstration.

Why Vanderbilt and Tennessee? The National Funeral Directors Association holds their convention in Nashville, TN in October, right in the middle of SEC Football territory. MemryStone will be there at booth 1251.


MemryLane is an outreach of MemryStone, makers of ceramic markers which survivors inscribe with a message and send through the cremation process with someone who has died. The MemryStones return intact as a more personal form of identity confirmation and as a lasting touch-stone for memory. Purchases may be made through a rapidly growing network of affiliated funeral and cremation providers. For assistance finding an affiliated location, use the contact links on our website.

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