At Final Bit — A Poem

Very few will know  of or remember a period earlier in my life when I wrote poetry. I have stayed away from that form of writing for a number of years, but Nicky Woolf’s article asking how to grieve in the internet era has inspired me to write in a poetic style again, at least this once.

I call it At Final Bit — as in, last breath or pixel or character posted at end of life. Please consider it a sketch, rough and incomplete perhaps, but still an honest and immediate expression of feelings brought to the surface by Woolf’s question.

At Final Bit

we swirl in a virtual world
our thoughts and ideas pulverized
into bits, bytes, tweets and posts

and yet we live
there is breath and vibrance, love and loss
centered here, somewhere beyond the screens

and should we not
at the time of last and final bit

in a place, at a time
and the miracle cherished
to inspire a fuller life in us all


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