MemryLane is the blog page for MemryStone, a company founded by William “BT” Hathaway, III as a resource of comfort and care for families choosing cremation.

MemryStones themselves are ceramic markers which survivors (and occasionally the deceased before he or she dies) use to inscribe a message. The marker travels through cremation and returns intact with the final remains. In this way the MemryStone provides a much more personal form of identity confirmation and also becomes a lasting touchstone for love and memory after cremation concludes.

MemryStones are shipped across the country to survivor groups facing end of life. They are used as a focal point for gathering and remembering at the time of dying, no matter how elaborate or simplified the services. Direct purchase options are available here.

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BT Hathaway is a 4th generation funeral director who believes that care and kindness need to come first when considering the rites and rituals which accompany mortality care.

He can be reached via email:    bt (at) memrystone.com

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