Message to Funeral Home and Crematory Staff

We make each MemryStone from traditional ceramic clays which have been fired and hardened prior to cremation. With moderate care at the crematory, each ceramic should remain whole throughout the process.

The ceramic itself has no glaze or glassing agents applied. It will remain inert. However, the retort environment may change the color and composition of the piece.

Each crematory will need to establish its own policies for returning the MemryStone with the cremated remains. The ceramic can be rinsed with water and returned outside the urn or temporary container, or you may leave that step to the funeral director or family involved. In either case, please remember that this personalized ceramic has become the last item connected to the deceased. It will be precious to the survivors and should be handled with care.

If you have other questions, please feel welcome to send a message via email or call us at 800-88MEMRY (800-886-3679) during regular business hours.


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