Memorial Options

Everyone has different thoughts on how best to remember someone who has died. No matter how simple or elaborate the services, MemryStone can add extra assurance and personal connection when cremation is involved.

Below we have briefly described scenarios which include the use of MemryStone. Use these ideas as a place to begin as you shape your own services of remembrance. Please feel welcome to share your own ideas via email or on our FaceBook page. We would love to know how you’ve chosen incorporate MemryStone into your plans.

Simple Assurance

For some families, good byes will have been said prior to the time of death and no gatherings will occur prior to cremation. In this case you may inscribe the MemryStone before the arrangements visit with your funeral provider and ask that he or she place the completed ceramic on your behalf.

Identification Visit

In order to avoid errors, more and more funeral homes require direct identification of the deceased before a cremation can occur. If so, then you will have the opportunity to place the MemryStones in person instead of relying on funeral home staff.

Even if not required, you may want to request a personal identification visit, to ensure that the funeral or crematory facility is doing its job properly.

Closing the Casket

Not all cremations occur prior to public services. In many parts of the country, families choose to hold complete or partial casket ceremonies with the cremation taking the place at the conclusion of these services. This means that MemryStones can be placed in the casket at any point during the services. You may tuck them out of sight under the pillow or interior materials, or you may display them in a visible spot so that visitors may see the miniature memorials you’ve created.


Some survivor groups find it natural to get together and talk through their grief. These informal times can solidify memories and allow for the telling of stories that might otherwise get forgotten. At such times, MemryStones can be used like memory notes where members of the group jot down words, phrases and even little pictograms to make family history more tangible and lasting.

Living Wake or Living Funeral

Though not common, a small but growing number of people choose to hold special gatherings during the end of life stage, before a death has occurred. Unlike a testimonial which may come at the time of retirement, these gatherings seek to reflect on a life fully lived and offer a unique opportunity for friends and family to say a more personal goodbye. Follow this link to a description of one such event.

In this setting, MemryStones can be used to mark down the essential remembrances which come out of the service. These markers can then be placed with the deceased when that time comes to further commemorate the special bonds of love and memory formed and forged over the years.

After the Cremation

About half the time survivors will place their MemryStones with the cremated remains in an urn or other permanent container. In this way they act as a linking object, much like the personal items families have traditionally placed in a casket. Many others do choose to keep their MemryStone as a personal remembrance. We would suggest you ask your funeral provider to rinse and clean the ceramic with water before you arrive at their facility.


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